I want to be your wife,

I want to be your life,

I want to be that special queen

that lonely star

I have been reading for so long,

I want to be your wife,

have your kids,

but wait!

did you not also told him,

for I in all aspects of life,

been true to any one who I have called my lady,

I giving all including my dreams,

I have broke much salted fluid

and wiped it off from my brow,

for I have one focus,

to hold you,

yet he may not be as young in age,

but young in mind,

cause he used you like his game console,

yet for the merchandise I pay,

why did he not get the fury of your rage,

why was he not called all this names,

why did he not shed this fluids

that forever would be marked

as a simple evaporated salted stain in my cheeks,

and why wasn’t his aspect of life changed

for seconds till I found out is only lessons,

simply because he never had no feelings,

yet he received your words of adoration!

Baby I am sorry

I wont have those thoughts again,

go with all your friends,

come back till the sun rises again,

when I call you

and you don’t pick up!

I won’t think something is going on

cause you’ll never cheat on me AGAIN,

once again mind infected with rage,

love takes more steps to a distance place,

as I think and play with this bottle of tequila,

searching to find stability

and my mind to gain creativity

to gain my own self-esteem

to once again be in love with another,

I search for a true love,

you simply searched

for someone to let your rage upon,

my mind evaporates to the wind,

but as empty aluminum cans,

I rest in a garbage can,

till I become another form to serve as  


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