More than a blank canvas is in front,

where my mind can connect as one,

where the tears, sorrows,

pain and struggles lay to rest,

this my forever friend,

a way to ease my mind,

now my life,

started as a project,

ended as an autobiography,

saved me from doing chaotic things,

maybe I should have been on channel 10,

label another man who is insane,

but I chose to have another style of fame,

this in front,

my way to speak to the world,

connect with mind, souls and hearts,

I have met the most wonderful people

due to what I call my art,

like everything we must move on,

without you I would simple be stuck,

I have replace this blank pages,

with your ears,

I have replace the ink of this pen,

with words of aid,

yet I wont forget

who got me out of my pain,

this blank canvas in front, my flesh,

this lines that run horizontal, my veins,

the words written, a form for my eyes to have sight,

that ink, my heart and blood,

taking a new form,

I adore every single letter of your vocal chords,

hard to go from paper and pen,

to someone who can reply in seconds

to what you had said,

all the people in the other end,

mad love for you and there shall be a day,

where I can personally say,

appreciate all that was done

for your hearts to replace my paper and pen!

No need for names,

if your hearts as you read,

accelerates and begins to calmly rest,

all emotion from my heart is place,

and you’ll know these lines are said

for your heart to thank


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