Our inner circle

Bring out the patron,

I am eager for my mind to soar,

that purple haze

makes my mind imagine green goblins and wild hocks,

I want to travel where E.T. called his home,

maybe is better than this place I called home,

in the grind been tight with iron chains,

mind calmly set to hibernation,

maybe the leader of our new nation

will make me withdraw all my mental investigations,

yet if you stuck in the circle,

foam cups up,

light it up and buff buff buff,

handed it to the person on your right,

cause as you

he also tries to hustle for a meal,

what is the deal,

we need to move out of our ordinary style

to gain economical growth,

I don’t want to be broke no more,

dislike pulling a metal piece,

like the law hands up freeze,

simply to get something to eat,

dislike to hear my stomach

make the sounds of thunderstorms,

or open all my pink slips,

reading man you don’t even have a week,

till your gas, water and light,

would be like the Martians,

yeah out of sight,

hard to deal with this things,

I wish even my thoughts would have a drink,

so they can go away,

like an irresponsible boy,

never come back again,

this is our moments of rest,

never the most perfect way,

yet at least we don’t grasp a razor blade,

and try to outline the barriers of our veins,

if stuck in this circle, with no money to eat,

all in this roof man we can sure dream,

for a moment rest our minds,

with this alcoholic beverage

that blurriest your mind,

rolling that green herb with papers

that smell like strawberry pies,

and for once simple say is going to be alright,

out with the patron, mind eager to soar,

purple haze makes my mind imagine

green goblins and wild hocks


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