Better than me

If you are admired

by my thoughts and mind,

ill handle it to your feet

with out a price,

I am in search for something else,

if in my words you find

a space to rest,

they reach the bottom of your heart,

enlighten the fire within,

my words would be wrap into a gift,

and you may take

how ever much you’ll need,

I am in search for something else,

if in my heart you see soft gentle feathers,

you may use it as a pillow

with an internal boom box,

yet no musical notes simple booms booms,

out if you’ll receive,

if you would like

I will tear my chest apart,

open my ribs like god did once

to create you beautiful lady

who I adore so much,

for I am in search for something else,

I wont leave a mess,

even thought this thicker than water substance

flowing throw my chest,

is spill all over the cement floor,

my hands ill act like the karate kid

and with a wax on wax off movement

ill clean up the floor,

the cement will end up as an

Mr. clean advertisement,

I am in search for something else,

every tear in that floor

that’s has evaporated and not here no more,

every thought of stopping the flow

of this fluid that’s has stain the walls,

yet floor remains clean,

would not be in front no more,

ill erase my being out of this world,

for you are choosing for my soul to teleport

into the unknown,

I wish I can find a relative or a homeboy

to show me around,

so I wont fall down,

and wake up smelling roses and tulips,

for I am searching for something else,

I will give everything in my life,

to be someone better than what I am right now


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