Not the guy

Not that one guy

that would prove not all are the same,

just the one who wants for your tears

to evaporate,

with the tones of my voice,

calm your heart,

with the winds from my breath

move the clouds to a distance place,

the one that places

is most softest pillow

my arms,

the most comfortable bed,

my chest,

there is sure no perfect man,

we all make mistakes,

cause we saw our lord been crucified,

yet we did nothing but shed tears,

but tears fall through the cracks of the floors,

as a demonic form,

open its mouth

he has much thirst,

so it is my main goal,

to stop those salted oval forms

to discharge themselves from your eyes,

I also know about pain and cries,

thoughts of eternal life,

destroying everything

with a single decision without vision,

till you take deep breaths,

you found out you did some mistakes,

but by your side

I sure would be delighted to wait,

attempt to guide you

through the areas of light,

while ill battle in the shadowy ones,

all for your smile

to once again charge

to its full power,

to regain my vision

of a wonderful world,

not the guy who will contemplate your body,

but contemplate your mind,

since you are all

the greatest in the world,

I would like to see

to what place would your mind

teleport me too,

so we can have the same thoughts in one,

and no

not the sweet nice guy,

nor the guy who is not the same,

simply a friend

who acknowledges the real facts of life,

rather than stay next to a TV,

try to mimic other peoples life,

as they would sing rap or r&b


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