Dead mind

You can not lie,

there is no way

you can detach from me,

there is a necessity

for all your strings to attach

to the tunnels within my skin,

you can not march and forget,

I am the only light you see,

you need to feel my skin,

you need to have sight

from my eyes,

you need my nerves to transport you

to wherever you please,

you need the fluid of my heart

for not to dehydrate,

ill give you a chance,

if you attend to march out of my sight,

ill let you go without holding you back,

yet ill stay

with a smirk imprinted on my facial expression,

you would not even last a second,

there is no way to fight it,

I have change things around,

you once controlled all my life,

now is my turn to be the leader in this dance,

you can not leave me,

everything that’s me, you need,

I am not cocky

nor trying to be a over powering man,

yet you made me suffer so much,

now things have change,

so wipe out all this things you think,

settle in my cranium,

your forever home,

if you tried to disengage,

you’ll simple be another lost thought,

a mind without a home


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