My tattoo

I never thought of getting ink done,

if I ever did something important,

something that I know what it means,

not a number,

not just any name,

something that when they say whats that,

I can sit for hours and explain,

but look at here I got marked up,

did not even knew it was placed in my back,

pain is what was place on my flesh,

everything I need to keep going in life,

love on the horizon coming to a bright star,

but still pain is what I am just to have,

wounded heart from many people I gave my love,

the mind to many painful memories I have,

you have to fall face to the ground

in order to learn how to succeed in life,

pain is the fuel that I need and have,

so who ever said you need ink to have a tattoo,

isnt the definition  

something place on your skin

a mark to describe the person you are,

so mine then came cheap

did not had to pay anything for it,

just had to support the feelings of the stabs,

of the wounds as they opened my heart,

of the little tears the world made me drop,

so my artist who drew this on my back his name is life,

hope no one ever ask for a mark from this man

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