My time

The day that god says thats it,

the sand is not dropping no more,

my time will be up,

I know the whole world wont cry,

the world wont stop  turning,

only the ones I close would know what went on,

maybe they will be sad,

frowning faces but not tears please,

remember always smile just like,

the realz is what I ask for,

I would rather have someone

who those not give a you know what

laughing when they buried me,

then having someone crying but did not knew me,

when I hit that dark lonely world,

dont stay in this world crying for me,

cause I wont find my way home,

I will never leave anyone,

if I said you are special and you mean something to me,

even though I am not living next to you forever I will be,

in limbo land I will stay,

so when my peoples smile I can find my way back,

be happy dont be sad,

live your life as I made you see,

made you believe always smiling is all I say to you,

ill be resting asleep in a world

when I come to your dreams would tell you about,

so when is my time to go dont were black,

dont cry,

where the brightness colors and dont forget the blue,

smile, bump the music and get crunk

cause I will only gone for a minute,

I would come back

but if everyone cries and be sad

I would find my way back

cause clouds would be on my way,

that is why I beg for the smiles

so I can see clearly who needs my help cause  

guarding angel would be the new name,

when I die, new life will start,

I will be alive in the minds,

so always live your life!

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