Once use paper and pen

I once grasp the paper and pen,

to simply read comments

of how my work is so great,

I once grasp a paper and pen,

so a lady can see my emotions

where not hiding beneath rocks,

I once grasp a paper and pen

simple to grasp them

and go into the illusion stage

and feel as if I set this words

down in this blank page,

I would be able to skip the psychiatrist help

and see for myself

I need more than

the fume that makes me fly to the sky,

or the liquid that blurs my mind

and instead on focusing on this problems

dance all night and day,

I once grasp a paper and pen

to try to mimic the words of naz, the fugees, wyclef,

run dmc, jay z, slick rick,

all the artist that showed me hip hop

and felt in love to,

you must open your eyes,

till this days

I did not knew the concept

since I was to eager to learn the art of rhyme,

trying to gain power in streets,

as they say who is he,

many peoples knee caps shake with fear

as I would make myself near,

till is when the reality show me

real tears and pain,

as if they took my torso

with out the use of amnesia,

is when I open my eyes and saw everything,

a pen and paper in hand

to explain the emotions within,

pen and paper on hand

to fight with people and gain respect,

pen and paper in hand

to simple say I am here with you,

once I open my eyes and tune to the hip hop show!

I only heard

yeah…. Yeaaahhhh….

And what……… what….

Okayy.. okayyy..

then I heard you a “B”

cause if you know me

I would never say the complete word,

and how much money they have,

and how many guns they have made go off,

and how hood they are,

so I turn my radio off,

with paper in pen like the old days,

with ink and emotion speak to my people,

learn from my people,

not with comments or your work is so great,

yet with a simple

I can understand where you coming from,

I also need that form of aid,

open my eyes,

to what Bob Marley and Che Guevara,

Emiliano Zapata,

and those heroes who chose to replace

the what people have to say

with what people feel,

paper and pen in my hand,

I am no longer a slave,

I will react in a way

that can unite my people and say,

we will use our minds and at times pray,

yet we have to fight this fight,

with only our minds,

we will guarantee victory in the end,

pen and paper no more

my voice is been train to be heard,

I am my own mind,


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