Paths Of Life

Walking alone down this path

A path that iv made

Made to take me to my dreams

Dreams that I will never achieve

To achieve you must be able to believe

But iv forgotten how to believe in myself

Or for that matter anything else

The only thing I trust is myself

An with that iv forgotton how to laugh

So alone I will stumbel down this path

A path that I have made

A path that would disapear if i betrayed

I will never leave because I dont know how

Everything iv loved is gone so what is there to do now

I will no longer chase theses dreams

Because I have forgot what they mean

I will forget the meaning of achieve

I will forget everything because I dont know what it is to believe

Believing in nothing will leave you in someone or somethings rath

Believing in nothing will leave you all alone to discover your own tattered path

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finding Myself stuck within my dreams
Nothing doesnt come even close to describe what this means

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