emotions on paper

your eyes are so mesmerizing,

inviting me in to play,

but your beauty covers up lies,

lies which continue to rear their ugly faces,

how can someone so beautiful be so ugly,

so dark and cold,

words that sound familiar,

a story that never gets old,

the story of the game that i wish i still played,

you're the shadow that follows me,

your reflection haunts me,

we walked away from each other,

we left behind everything that we were,

everything we were meant to be,

closing the book a few chapters short of how i wished it would be,

i beg to differ the reason you left,

but i don't regret not trying to keep you,

all i regret is how we split,

and me constantly falling for your shit,

so i guess this is good-bye,

to our relationship, to you my lover,

and more importantly my best friend...........(you know who you are)

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