A Simple Gift(just one kiss)

emotions on paper

a hot pink top,

black slacks,

your jean jacket,

your hair pulled back,

your toes freshly painted,

that heavenly scent,

that stunning beauty in which you posses,

awaken all my senses,

i begin to feel a feeling of nervousness,

as you walked with me to my car,

my knees begin to shake,

my breath quickens,

as i see your gorgeous smile,

and your big beautiful eyes light up with excitement,

as i gave you a token of my love,

it was as simple as a bag of york peppermint patties,

to show that i care and love you,

but at the same time,

i also wanted a gift,

a simple gift,

just one kiss,

just to taste your sweet and soft lips,

i wish i also had that gift,

which was just one kiss.......(ccm)

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