Keeping Hope Alive

emotions on paper

time isn't healing these wounds which i continue to keep,

i still feel that you are meant for me,

and i am meant for you,

yet you keep running away from me,

and keep searching for you,

snickering becomes more present,

as people disagree with me still wanting you,

yet i can't forget you,

i feel as if i need you,

maybe i'm being selfish,

maybe i'm just being a jerk to myself,

but i'm just following my heart,

and doing so without a dout,

i continue to keep hope alive,

as i pray that one day,

you will fulfil my destiny,

and that you will complete me,

renewing in me a loving heart,

and a caring soul,

placing me back on that road that i'm suppose to go,

i continue to keep hope alive,

because hope is all i have left,

and i regret not showing you,

how much i really loved you,

when i had the chance to do so,

and now that you're gone,

all i can do is hope that you will forgive me,

and keep hoping that one day,

you'll come back to me,

and once again complete me.....(ccm)

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