I Just Wish

emotions on paper

your face continues to haunt me,

your very prescence infects me,

the more i try to get away from you,

the closer i want to be to you,

emotions and feelings that i thought ran dry,

once again make me cry,

making me go crazy,

cause i'm seriously missing my baby,

my princess who's so sweet,

i need you here next to me,

i need to hear you breathe again,

i need to feel your touch again,

the warmth of your heart,

the kiss of your lips,

the simple touch of my cheek with your fingertips,

i want to look into your eyes,

and tell you i love you,

i want to hug and hold you tight,

i want to be your warmth on a cold night,

i want to be the one who fights away all your fears,

i want to be the one to catch all your tears,

i just want to be there,

and be there just for you,

cause ever since you've been gone,

it's like i can't move on,

a person can't live without a heart and soul,

and guess what....you are my heart and soul,

i just wish i could let you know,

i just wish i could end all this,

i just wish i had back my beautiful princess.......

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