I Wonder

emotions on paper

i wonder if you notice it,

when i'm not around,

i wonder if you see me in his eyes,

when you stare into them,

i wonder do you feel my arms,

when you're in his,

i wonder do you feel my lips,

as you kiss his,

is it my hand that you feel,

while you hold his,

i wonder if his heart is able to love you,

just as mine was,

i wonder if when you cry,

will he say something to make it better,

just as i did,

i wonder will he be there for you,

when you're  down,

just as i was,

i wonder will he say sorry,

even if he's not wrong,

just as i've done,

i wonder what happened,

to the fun,

to the love,

to us,

i loved you so much,

but now i see you in a whole new light,

but i wonder what light you see me in,

i wonder if you still see me in that light i once saw  you in,

as my life,

my lover,

my friend....(ccm)

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