I Leave to You

emotions on paper

like a new born baby depends on his mother,

that's the way i depended on you,

blinded in all directions,

yearning for affection,

the affection only you could give,

the touch that when felt,

you knew it was love,

but if i can,

i will leave this poem for you,

to know  that,

even though we've parted,

it will never come to an end what we've started,

no matter how hard we try to forget each other,

we'll forever be a part of one another,

and this i know,

for in this heart of flesh,

blood still flows,

i'm sorry.......please forgive me,

for i've hardened my heart towards you,

this was the only thing i could do,

to not crave you,

it was the only thing i could do,

so i could live again,

with memories that i thought would never fade,

but you're becoming a memory of my memories,

in this fucked up game we played,

but if i can,

i leave this poem for you,

hoping that i stay as much  a part of you,

as you are as much a part of me...........

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