Becoming One

emotions on paper

as we kiss i begin to rise,

anticipating for the right time,

being gentle as i pull your hair,

blood rushing as we dare,

dare to grow closer to one another,

kissing your neck,

you smell so sweet,


i can feel your heat,

you begin to shake and quiver,

but is it from fear or pleasure,

maybe both,

i'm getting hotter as you lick my ear,

moans of pleasure i also hear,

now the time is right,

we no longer fight,

i slowly inch myself up your lusicious thighs,

as you bite your lip,

i gently push myself inside,

heavier and heavier our breathing gets,

you toss your head back and moan,

as i grab your breast,

tighter are your walls,

as i push farther inside,

driving your nails into my back as you ride,

now past the point of no return,

passion at it's peak,

i'm inside of you,

us becoming one,

staring eye to eye,

and when we're done,

to me it just wasn't sex,

it was us becoming one........

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