Godly Confession

emotions on paper

i thank God everyday for you,

i'm thankful that he created you,

i'm thankful that he created your beautiful smile,

which brightens my day,

your pretty face which enchants me everyday,

your wonderful personality,

and when it's gone,

i miss it so,

your beautiful eyes which hypnotize,

each time i stare into them,

an angel such as you,

how could god let get away,

wishing once more for my precious jewel,

how could i have let go of you,

i don't know why,

yet i did,

missing your soft lips,

yearning for just one more kiss,

wishing everyday to caress your skin,

wishing to brush your hair out of your face,

wishing to hold you in my arms,

as we stand face to face,

wishing to feel your face on my chest,

as we embrace,

watching you fall asleep as i play with your hair,

god, i miss my angel,

god please bring my angel back to me.......(ccm)

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