All In One

emotions on paper

i'm weary,

tired and fraustrated,

dazed and confused,

hurt and angry,

i'm crying and laughing at the same time,

if only i had a dime for every time i've felt this way,

the world would be silver,

and i would still feel this way,

i don't know why i still cry,

i don't know why,

this shit won't die,

just leave me be,

stop tormenting me,

what do you want from me,

you already have my heart,

i mean i can't understand,

why am i the only one who cares,

why am i the only one who takes a stand,

why am i the one always reaching for your hand,

turning and looking for your face,

why do i leave myself open,

while you hide,

this is a fucked up feeling i feel inside,

it's like betrayal all over again,

how can this be,

not only by her,

but i feel that you to have decieved me,

and i'm weary,

tired and fraustrated,

dazed, confused, angry and hurt,

but most of all,

i'm in love.....(ccm)

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