Just Thinking

emotions on paper

i continue to think,

what is this shit,

why can't we just be happy together,

without the middle man,

without the constant drama,

of people standing in the way,

i mean what do they hope to gain,

besides driving us insane,

i mean fuck,

why complain,

shit still gonna be the same,

just cause one is bitter,

does that mean it has to infect us all,

just cause one says it red when it's black,

does that mean it's really red,

i mean how much more fucked up can this shit be,

is this situation gonna make you leave me,

or make you want to see someone else,

could this be the plan,

as long as you and me will never be,

will that finally make them happy,

then will they get off our fucking backs,

or is it cause they see,

that i actually love you,

and they're just testing to see,

how far we'll go for love,

cause i'll go all the way to the end,

but will you go with me,

or leave me alone in the end.....(ccm)

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