My Real Reason

emotions on paper

i don't know why you can't see,

that you're the best thing to happen to me,

at first sight i knew that i was in trouble,

cause you caught my eye,

i loved everything about you,

your smile,

your dimples,

your gorgeous eyes,

your cute laugh,

your tender heart,

remember the park,

when you said to me,

you better not be playing with me,

after i said that i cared for you,

it was then i knew that i had to be with you,

i was just scared,

i didn't know what to do,

and the more we went out,

the more i began to fall for you,

but i was still scared,

cause i knew that once we took that step,

that was it,

i would have to fight for what i wanted and needed,

and what i wanted and needed was you,

it hurts me to hear that you still don't believe me,

why can't you see that you meant and mean everything to me,

and everything i say to you is true,

i have no need to lie to you,

cause i always want to be true with you,

and if you think that us getting together was a mistake,

well it's a mistake that i'll make over and over again,

i just want you to know that my love for you is true,

and there won't ever be another person in the world,

who will love you the way that i do,

so will you be mine,

cause i'm no longer scared,

i want to love you,

and cherish you,

and be here for you...(ccm)

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