Boy's Don't Cry

emotions on paper

they say that boys don't cry,

but my eyes can't seem to stay dry,

salty tear drops stain my pillow,

i walk around with broken smiles and unhappy grins,

in this surreal state of life i'm in,

but i begin to think that you're the best thing for me,

you cloud my mind,

you take me away from my pain,

in you i find happiness again,

my heart soars above the Heavens,

never will my heart love another the way it loves you,

it's been a mind-bending experience,

loving you,

losing you,

wanting and needing you,

so to my love,

i cherish you,

and everything you do,

and ever since i found you again,

tear stained pillow cases are now a vague memory to me,

and for that i love you,

my turkey legs, my princess, my chubby bunny,

my boo......(ccm)

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