Even Though It's Over

emotions on paper

i'm thinking about you non stop,

everywhere  i turn i see you,

i can't get you out of my mind,

when it's silent,

i swear i hear your voice,

it's like.......i have no choice,

each time i see your picture,

your scent comes back to me,

whenever i see your smile,

i can hear your laugh,

it takes over me,

even though it's over,

you're still a very big part of me,

and i have to see,

that you no longer belong to me,

knowing that crushes me,

it seems like for every one step i take forward,

i take five or six back,

and why,

is it cause i'm dumb,

no......it's cause i'm still in love,

still in love with you,

and there's not a damn thing i can do,

except continue to front,

acting as if everythings okay,

when all i want to do is hear your voice,

feel your touch,

feel your breath,

taste your kiss,

be with the person that i miss,

the person that i love and cherish,

the thing that i hate most,is i get lonely

thinking about you,

the only reason i'm making it through the day,

is because of God's grace,

cause your love takes me over,

even though it's over...(ccm)

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