emotions on paper

i'm standing outside your window,

in the pouring rain,

trying to convince myself that it'll be okay,

that this storm will soon pass,

and all these events will soon be my past,

remember when i said,

each time it rains those are my tears flowing from God's eyes,

well lately my tears have run dry,

and a fire has began to burn inside of me,

torching all my old memories,

all my old feelings,

all my regrets,

all of my impurities,

refining and defining me,

i have to stand at your window,

because you've shut the door,

i've said things to you that i'm gonna regret,

i've stood here in front of your window,

convincing myself that it will be okay,

and even though i shouldn't,

i continue to stand outside of your window,

in the cold, pouring rain,

or as i like to say,

continue to stand in my tears flowing through God's eyes..............

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