The Color of Destruction

Universes ago, the Gods embarked on a project and with their bare hands molded a sphere with a pinch of their favorite colors: green, blue and white. They loved their creation, but they knew there was more to be done. After much thought, they designed their exact opposite, “pure unlikeness” they thought. And so, they created humans.

In this world, the green was ruled by Folium, Goddess of Nature, the blue was ruled by Aequor, God of the Sea and the white was ruled by Coelum, God of the Sky.


Humans were wonderful creatures that lived in balance with the world, but one unforgettable day, the Gods discussed:

- “Oh! How I love these little humans!”, said Folium.

- “Of course you do, you have them every day. We barely see them”, said Aequor.

- “Arhhh, that is so very true, I only have a glance when they go around in their funny airplanes”, said Coelum.

- “There shall not be any abandoned territories, I want more colors, more diversity!”, said Aequor.

- “My fellow brothers, I understand, but we shall not let pride and whims guide our thoughts. I don´t know if its a wise decision.”, said Folium.

- “For our sake! Of course it is a wise decision!”, said Coelum.


And so it happened, the three Gods created more and more species. Created to their image and likeness, just as Aequor and Coelum desired. They called them: animals. Animals lived in the ground, the sea and the sky, each displayed new unique colors, diversity onto to the four-colored world. At first, animals lived in harmony, ruled by a king, of the specie “Lion”, but he subdued to humans. One day, animals came to the conclusion that they were powerful and intelligent. They should be the ones who controlled humans:

- “I’m tired of following humans.”, said the king.

- “It’s not about following, it’s about doing what we should to live in harmony”, said one servant.

- “But if I’m a king, and I’m more intelligent than them, why not make them do what we want? They could carry our loads, we could use them to move around, among so many other things...”, said the king.

- “That’s a dangerous decision, the Gods will be angry, but it's true. We animals are powerful and intelligent, much more than any other human.”, said the servant.


And it happened, the Animals were called by their king to confront the humans, so the Gods spoke again:

- “What is happening?”, said Folium.

- “The animals aren’t happy with the humans”, said Aequor.

- “But they have all at the reach of their hands, paws, wings and fins, they don’t have to fight for anything”, said Folium.

- “They don’t want to share our beautiful world, they want to have all the control”, said Coelum.

- “That’s enough!”, said Folium.


The Gods were raging with the animal's behavior against humans, but they let it be, hoping that the animals would change. After all it was their decision to create them. Then, little by little, as the centuries passed, animals created weapons, discovered fire and finally controlled most humans. And so the Gods fulfilled their will and the world started to fade out of colors, Folium got the green back, ending the life on the ground, Aequor got his beloved blue back, drying up every single drop of water, and Coelum finished the work by getting his precious white back, leaving the world into a dreadful end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

By: Eduardo Lara and Lorena González

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