I'd Rather Not...

A barrage of questions
Hits me full force
I answer them all
My voice going hoarse

But they aren't the kind
You would vocalize
They are let loose
Behind my eyes

Put your face to the glass
Of the windows to my soul
Stare all you want
But risk getting swallowed up whole

Play, replay
Fast forward, rewind
I can go back in time
If only in my mind

It really was so long ago
That we drifted apart
But no longer will I let the fact
Corrode and tear at my heart

I've locked my heartstrings
Into their places
Because I'm tired
Of wild goose chases

But still the weight
Has not lifted
From my stomach
And I think that I have drifted

From lovesickness
To just plain sick
But of my emotions
I cannot pick

Which ones to feel
Which ones to share
So aggravate me
If you dare

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