It's Easy

It's alright
It's okay
Don't worry 'bout me
I'll find my way

Through this world
So dark and cold
Yet full of light
And stories untold

There's a path
That's meant for me
It's just hiding
But I trust I'll see

Like a needle
I'll find the groove
And play some music
To make you move

Once my plans
Are set in motion
I'll ride the waves
And surf this ocean

Cuz that's what life
Is all about
To follow your heart
To scream and shout

To stand back up
After you've fallen
Come one then
The wind is callin'!

She'll be our guide
Through our tough times
Through good and bad
Through lemons and limes

We'll all go through
Oceans of tears
And deserts of pain
Throughout our years

The world is callin'!

We'll see it all
Throughout our time
On planet Earth
Before the chime

Of the bells
At the end
Of our chosen path
After the final bend

So just remember
And never forget
That life is for living
Don't give up just yet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The purple and the blue parts could either go in between the two blocks of black text, it doesn't matter which because they are just alternative ending sort of things :P sorry if anyone was confused

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