The Story of Jane Doe (Part One)

My leg hurts so I reach down
Fresh blood is what stains my hands now
As I slowly peel off the sheets
My heart speeds up `til I feel the beat

The freshest wound is where a scar once lay
And this is one time where I have nothing to say
Across the room the curtains blow
A winters breeze is what makes me go

I must leave before they show again
No time to check with family and friends
Time to run, time to hide
All they want is what I have inside

Grab the tape; no time for band-aids
Close the window and pull the shades
Quickly get dressed, put on some clothes
From outside I hear a ravens crows

Pack my bag and I'm out the door
But immediately I'm pushed to the floor
I feel the needle pierce my arm
But I know they mean no harm

Before I'm totally enveloped
I can feel their stethoscopes
But then slowly I can no longer see
The darkness has surrounded me

Slowly slowly as I awake
I start to tremble and then to shake
I hear the alarm and as it blares
My mind is shooting up its own flares

All of a sudden it comes to a halt
But then I feel fuzzy and go to default
A nurse comes in to the poorly lit tent
To change the straw over which I was bent

I play weak because I'm used to it
But when she lifts me up, that's when I hit
I'm stronger than she had expected
In her shock none of my hits are deflected

Soon she lays in my makeshift bed
Pun intended, her lips are blood red
I see the fresh bandages wrapped around my thigh
Some parts are red with blood that is dry

In the corner I find my pack
I grab it and leave out through the back
It's early morning so there are no guards
So I sneak over the fence, it isn't hard

I start to run but then comes the pain
It spreads through me like acid rain
Unwrap the bandages and what do I see
No, impossible, that can't be!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To be continued....

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