What May Be (Maybe) Everything

I wish my life were more dramatic,
Like one of a bad crack addict,
I'm just kidding obviously
But let's talk for a moment seriously
Of course I mean seriously jokin'
Cuz I'm rambunctiously soft-spoken
Those are lyrics to a song
But don't string me up; I've done no wrong
All I've done is share a songs words
Plageurism? That's absurd.
Lock me up, I'll take the key
And pretty soon we'll all be free
We wont want to but we will stay
Because we're accustomed to this way
Until one of us breaks apart
From all the rest of these old farts
We'll be stuck going round and round
`Til we drive ourselves into the ground
So you need to flush everything you know
But only if you'd like to go
Away from this, all of this
So say good bye with one last kiss
Leave them something to remember you by
But never utter the word 'goodbye'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The song lyrics are actually "Always seriously joking/ And rambunctiously soft-spoken" from Kimya Dawsons song 'So Nice So Smart' :)

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