The Breakup Story

I am sad to have left you alone
But my sorrow came from the reason I had to go:

Your walls built with my fears and doubts
I made it to you, and you made me out as something easy to roll your eyes at.

My love: It needed your reciprocation
Our love: It needed your participation

My love, I needed you.

But you were content with your cowardly absence –You left me first.

Though there was love in my heart when I told you goodbye, I knew I still had to go
With tears in my eyes, my first instincts were the only thing that drove me back home

The day after, I still loved you. I loved you for weeks, for months.
Your love was the same and we had hope in our hearts
But our heads full of doubt said we were too far apart — to not drag this out.

We eased into the end.

I am sad to have it over and done
But my sorrow comes from love lost and gone

But alas, life went on.

Though my spirit crushed, its roots remained, and I saw my future: I was blooming again.

(I swallowed the seeds as a cheat.)

Lavished with love, I’ve begun to sprout. It was only the sun I thought I was without.

But during these cold winter months,..

I found within me an invincible Sun.

Illumination! Clarity– I understood this all.
From the start of love I wasn’t true; I required no pursuit
I was the first step of the fall.

We were both at fault.

I am sad to have left you alone.
I am sad for the reason I had to go.
I am sad to have it over and done.
I am sad for love lost and gone.

But my joy comes from the sorrow gone, for loving but for moving on.

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