(Insecurity & Introversion)

I am intricate but small
Weak in all my detail
In the big leagues I am bound to fail
Because I wear my heart on my sleeve
That way nobody believes in me
(Myself included)

I know I’m not cut out for it
to sacrifice my happiness
My fragile mind will break to pieces
If I were to commit
And reach the goals I have created –
Well, they’re only trophies to polish

And this comparison surely will be the death of me
Forever contorting my endeavors into a unit of measure
All my ownership stripped away
In a game I’ll never win but continue to play
It’s empty motivation
But it’s the only kind I can seem to find.

(And I know it’s going to eat me alive.)

Rather to embrace my own essence
A solitary preference
Even though the world praises breadth
My own journey pursuing depth

A goal of moving away from the extreme of spectrum
A balance between self-expression and introspection

Lastly a re-connection with that omnipotent deity
Then maybe I can find the better life promised to me

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