Yahweh's Home

      The end was near. Sam knew it. He was just enjoying the few minutes of weightlessness that comes with knowing there is no future. The coffee's smoke dancing above the white and green paper shell was distracting. His gun was black and cold. It felt unnatural in his hands, but he couldn't hold it for long. As he placed the gun to his head, he thought about God. The bastard he had been devoted to for most of his life. The fool, the lunatic, the evil child chuckling at the top of the earth. 

        The gun was not of god. This fact gave Sam great comfort. He felt beyond Yahweh's power, as if he could defeat this unjust dictator. He thought of his children and then...bang. 

     A pang of light shrouded him. Sam wanted to scream at the beauty, but he knew the ugly underneath. The fool God's realm had the veneer of beauty stolen from cheap Hollywood films. No reality here. Artless cheap displays of "holiness". Sam chuckled as he looked in all directions.

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