I sit here crying in the night

sighing, whispering, to myself 

every thing is alive

but that doesnt mean 

we are all safe inside

of our minds

there is no escape

there is no place to hide

so we lose our piece of mind

to shadows 

the echoes of our lives

the darkness held


comes out

to play

and we sit by ourselves

in this state

when our past comes

back alive

to eat you 

to swallow you 

back into to the pit

back into the hole 

of pain 

and regrets

the hole of greed

that rests beneath our face

hidden behind our mask

our daily face

I cry 

and i cry


it shatters 


the darkness crawls

on out

to eat us alive

there is no escape

so we sit 

and are devoured alive

some may escape 

but the pain

still breaks our minds

so our bodies


the times

we lost inside 

while memories 

start to fade 

and break our binds

that held us together 

all this time

 cause we've all been broken once

it takes us time to remember what we lost

but our shadows they break 

through the cracks 

and help us 


a bomb inside

but like  every

kingdom falls

another may rise

to shatter 

once more

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