What Would You Do

What would you do
When you’ve done all that you can
And no one can help you
Not even the great minds of man

What would you do
When you’ve given it your all
With no one to lean on
To hold you or break your fall

What do you do
When the day starts to descend
When the darkness falls
With each hours end

Tell Me! What Do You Do?

After I’ve done all that I can
I would never leave it in the hands of man

When I’ve given it the core of my all
There is only one whom I can lean on
That’s our one and only God

I’ll call upon my Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord
For only through Him, Can we call on God

Oh ye of little strength
It is not nor ever time to give in
For our life is not our own but in God hands
It is His plan and He controls the grains of sand

Pray! Just Pray
Even with faith, the grain of a mustard seed
God answers prayers
And blessings shall come your way

That is what I would do
Just pray and pray and pray
Always keeping faith
As God blesses each waking day…

By: Ebony Blessings/V.M.B-msp

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Mr. Ben Singleton... God is good all the time... Give it to God and let go...

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