I watched her with envious eyes.  I paid attention to her worth and prize.  

I even wore her clothes and tried on her shoes.  

But looking from the outside in is a lit fire cracker with a slow burning fuse.

I saw a woman who smiled at everything, even when she was unhappy she could sing.

I started looking deeper as her heart was filling with either.

I knew this was becoming the beginning of the end

I watched as he came home, boasting as king on his throne.

After she had cooked, cleaned, washed and tend to his children.

His bath water she ran, candles lit with Champaign.

Her kisses with sensual greetings didn’t even penetrate him.

He loved her yes, but she became second best as she was placed on his minds shelf.

All he could think of was his new first love, which he thought was him self.

His pride had taken hold, his ego fed by his friends so bold,

His warm heart had been conditioned to cold.

He by passed the kids when he came home.

As if he had no prince or princesses upon his throne.

His water was fixed, he enjoyed his bath.

The food was fixed he cleaned his plate.

The kids were asleep just as he liked.

To show appreciation all he could say is thanks.

Tired of it all, of giving him the power

The late night hours, no sweet words, no romance or flowers,

No eye contact, no hugs, no closeness or closure in bed.

To her it felt as if she was a single parent. To her the marriage was dead.

He woke the next morning, with a good stretch from yawning.

Now focused, he’s been greeted with void.

She was gone, the kids were gone.

There were only silence and no morning joy.

No good morning daddy, no kiss from the kids.

No breakfast in bed or slapping her on the ass.

No furniture; none, but the bed he’s in and his clothes in a garbage bag.

She had a dream that changed her life as the shadows ripped and tore.

Awakening to reality her body was wet and sore

She needed to find her woman’s worth and it started with walking out that door.

Now home with grand ma, I cried as I watched her wept.

In her lap I crouched myself as she has finally slept.

I woke to her fingers running through my hair, as the smell of breakfast filled the air.

I loved the way our grand ma cooked; she knew our stomachs like an open book.

She would tickle our tummies, or feather our ears and nose

Oh how I love my grandmother and the smell of her clothes.

She smelled of lavender with a hint of vanilla rose

Her smile was original like the Mona Lisa

Spiritually blessed, her heart is pure gold

Her eyes hazel brown with hair satiny black

Braided in layers, pleasing to stare at, midway down her back

She read a book to us of course my brother put up a fuss but mom she just sat idle

We enjoyed the stories that were told; grandma said they were true stories from the bible.

I saw a tear in momma’s eyes, as she sat and attentively listened

I knew she missed father and she still loved him regardless

I brushed her cheeks with my finger tips and held her close to me

I said (Mother it’ll be alright, God is prayers peace)

I know that daddy misses you and he is missing us to

I think he really needs this time to put his focus back into view

God only put on us what he knows we can bare

And daily He speaks to us, daily we should speak in prayer

Grandma said I had an older person’s wisdom in my young mind and soul

And momma you said that I am ahead of my years, that I have been here before

I just want you to understand that I know what you’re feeling

Because when we lost grandfather that tore into me dearly

Grandmother and I went to morning service so we could come home to finish dinner

Weeks went by, months had passed, and a knock came to the door at last

A feeling came over me with an excited anticipation

I just knew it was father; at least I wanted it to be my vision

My vision, my prayer had been answered but mom and my brother was at church

I was happy to see my father; he finally wants to make his marriage work

He spoke with grandmother for a while as I was excused from the room

I knew that mother should be on her way soon

So I took that time to pray that her reaction to him wasn’t negative

I prayed for the hand of God to touch their hearts at last

I knew that love wasn’t lost, it was just over looked and missed placed

So I prayed for their eyes to open to God’s saving grace

As mom entered the door, she heard laughter coming from the kitchen

She heard my father and grandmother, laughing and reminiscing

She asked father, what he’d wanted and why was he here

Father said sweetheart I love you, as mother ran to the front in tears

Please go away, please! the kids and I are doing just fine

Why don’t you go on with your life and let me go on with mine

I gave you 14 years and you neglected our life

You neglected your children and me as your wife

What gives you the ordacity to come here! Thinking I’ll take you back!

I don’t want to hear anything that you have to say, I don’t want to hear anything infact!

Why! Why did you come here!  (God!) Father yelled as he excitedly spoke with authority

It was God that sent me here because you and the children are my priority

Sweetheart look, I love you and I have missed you, I’m still missing you

I thought about our life up to now, baby I put myself in your shoes

I had several long talks with God, as I prayed and joined church

I realized that I wasn’t much of a father or husband; I didn’t appreciate your worth

Baby I am so sorry for not treating you as my queen

Because you and the kids are my life and you deserve everything

I let my job and greed get to me, I had over stepped my bounds

Baby I’m sorry for not being there for you, I’m sorry for letting you down

Sweetheart please, give me another chance, let me prove you wrong

Let me love you, let God bless our union, Baby let me take all of you home

I don’t want it to be 50/50; I want it to be a 100/100,

I want you and the kids by my side

Sweetheart let’s get remarried and let God be our guide

Mom paused for a moment, as the tears flowed faster

She said yes to father and yes to God the master

Mother packed her things and some of ours as she prepared to go home

But we stayed with grandmother for a while so that they may have time alone

Grandmother was happy; she knew this would come to pass

She said we have to fight our own battles and choose our own paths

She said that we should read our bibles daily

Follow God’s commandments, pray and fast

My family is now back together again, I now attend high school

I am also a newly published author; my book is called (In Her Shoes.) The chapters below identifies with: (The Life of Marriage) (The True Meaning and Faith That GOD Says Is Not a Sin.)

CORINTHIANS 6:18, 20-7:8, 9-7:37-10:13  

PROVEBS 31:10  LUKE  20:35, 36                               REVELATION     14:4

By: Ebony Blessings/MSP.vb

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