Erotic Poetry


Pricks, pricks, pricks

All this talk about pricks

Let me explain a little something, something to you

So yall can understand the sit – uation

Some pricks are thick

Some pricks are thin

And some pricks just get in

Where they can fit in

Some pricks are long

Some pricks are short

It depends on the motion in the ocean

And the art of the start

  Some pricks love to be stroked

Some pricks love to be kissed

Some pricks love to be teased

Nibbled or gently bit

Pricks are like balloons

They respond to attention

If you need to blow on it, so be it

It just enhances the fruit entering your dimension

Pricks are the keys

To your soul mates ignition

It takes more than just size

To ignite the intense friction

Be it an Aviator, Escalade, Suzuki or Ford

When you’re in the driver’s seat

Size and length takes on a whole new world

A joint connection on one accord

It’s the motion in the ocean

That strengthens the enhancement of the potion

I am down with it, I can live with

And I love me some pricks…

By: Ebony Blessings/MSP.vb

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