Do You See

Do you see me, the woman that I am?

Bold, strong, standing tall against the world

Do you see me, the woman that I am?

No longer a babe in arms, no longer a little girl

Do you see me, independently?

Soaring high and free

Do you see, all this and more?

Do you see the woman in me?

Do you see, my passion inside?

Do you see the laughter and tears I cry?

Do you see the structure of my frame?

Don’t you know! I am the other part of man!

Do you see me as A mate, A queen?

A mother and a monogamous lover

Showing my definition, portraying it with repetition

HHHMMM Judge me not, I may be your hidden treasure

Don’t look through me, saying, damn! That kitty is Phat

Trust me, some of us do bite back

Define me as woman, repetitiously exerting my femininity

Define me as a lady; it is possible that I may be your destiny

Do you know, that a part of your rib is missing

And I maybe the missing link

Do you really want to crave me as a lower quality?

By ways of your second head that can’t think

From birth you are a prince, transforming into a king

Judge not the women you see, for one shall be your queen

Do you see, do you know, do you understand?

Respect all women, as you expect it as a man

By: Ebony Blessings / ms…

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