The Beauty Of God...

I was about six years old; everything was in the form of a question

I was very inquisitive, as the day was bold

I wanted to know what God sound and looked like

So I asked and asked and asked, until I found the true answer in life

No one told me, I found out on my own

It took a little child to open my hearts home

You see! Lying upon that table, I pushed and pushed and I pushed

Releasing pain, pleasure and strife

Than out popped a head, shoulders, fingers and toes

Then a glorious, piercing sound, a voice of life

I cried!  I cried and I cried and I cried

But it wasn’t due to pain

I cried and I laughed and I cried again

As I counted her toes and fingers on each hand

I looked into her eyes as she blinked

Getting use to the light

I smiled and sighed

Silently thanking God, for trusting me with this new life

As I examine every inch of her new, tiny earthly body

All I could see is a perfect pottered blessing

Pure and innocent,

Without sinful dressings

As I looked around the hospital room

I saw God in everything

From the doctors to the nurses

From natures greenery, to the free essence of the wind

Closing my eyes as the last tear fell before I went home

I kissed the hands of my child

The beauty I see, that is in her and I


By: Ebony Blessings / M.S.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Beauty I See Is The Beauty In Thee...

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