Never Underestimate The Values In Me

Never underestimate the values in me

I am a woman of worth, I am patience, I am love, I am perseverance, I am the other part of man, his equal, and his destiny

I am defined as sensual and divine, all this I am and more, stimulating to the mind

Yet you see, only what you choose to see

Please people, Never Underestimate the values in me

God can give you a good man or woman,

Take your time to get to know one another

Never underestimate the worth of he or she

Because good things come in all size packages,

Be it shape or the total structure and color

Don’t look at me and say

Damn! I got to get with that

Don’t view me as material or animal

Don’t judge me on height or weight,

Judge me not to be skinny or fat

Instead, get to know me by my inner beauty

Get to know the real essence beyond  what you can see

Get to know this entire woman

Never underestimate the values in me

Just by being in each other’s company

I can’t tell what you are about

I am real, I don’t have time for games

And I am not a plaything to scout

I am not a clairvoyant, I can’t predict the future

But I can predict what will happen, if you come at me wrong

You will have missed out on a good woman, this woman

Precious and few are we, to have come and gone

Never underestimate me

Never underestimate the values in me

I am not for sale; nor can I be bought

Your money, is not satisfaction guarantee!

You played yourself, but that’s okay

Really! I do understand

You were thinking with your other head

But now that you know, to use the right one

The one that defines the whole MAN

What I seek in you, is a precious jewel

Your total structure combined

The inner and outer essence

Of your body, soul, and mind

I’ll never underestimate the values in you

I won’t judge or try to change, who you are or choose to be

So when you look my way, Think of me (not!) as a quick lay

I am (WOMAN) Never underestimate the values in me

By: Ebony Blessings / ms

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