You Better Watch Your Man!

If she smiles at him with a wicked grin

Trust me girl, she’s trying to reel him in

If he greets her with a hello, and shakes her hand

She won’t let it go, Girl you better watch your man

If she licks her lips, that’s all it takes

Girl you better watch your man

That Bitch is a snake.

I don’t have that problem

Because I come prepared with a plan

I don’t have to watch mine

Cause I’m watching your man

I am the woman, with that wicked grin

I am the woman, who will reel him in

I am the woman that holds his hand

I am the hook that will catch your man

I am the woman that will cook, clean and bake

I am the woman “with built in thunder” with extreme desires that captures like a snake.

I am always the woman

With a plan in hand

Trust me girl

You better watch your man!!!!

Written By:  Ebony Blessings

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