After a seemingly long day in school, studying for exams, and coming home to house work.  I just wanted to rest and relax.  I couldn't, because that annoying noise kept me restless!  Where   was it coming from?

That music! it was so loud, all I could do was twist and turn.  Finally, sleep escaped me.  I could feel the anger building.  I sprang from my bed, walking fast towards the door.

Who do they think they are! upsetting my sleep.  I just had to let my feelings be known.  I went outside to tell the new neighbors of three months, to shut that horrible music off, because I'm trying to sleep.  

I didn't realize that I was yelling from the deepest part of me.  They responded by yelling and arguing back with me.  They actually had the nerve to tell me to shut my dog up and keep it on a leash!

The arguement just flared and flared.  Each day things were getting worser and worser.  I just couldn't take it any more.  The situation was becoming to overwhelming.  The police had to be involved.

We hadn't spoken for a while after that.  Things started to simmer down.  It gave me a chance to think about the part I played in the incident.  Yes! it all started with me.  Why! because I should have controlled my temper and spoke more calmly.  This doesn't excuse them for their part in the situation.

I realized that we were no better than one another.  The madness had to end.  I made the first move.  I apologized.  They apologized also.  We sat down to talk.  The conversation was calm and in a very neutral environment.  We all came to an understanding, in which the lines of communication remains open, and I made new friends.

    Written By: Ebony Blessings

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