Hi! I'm A little squirrel my name is rust.

I love to climb trees, and I love to eat nuts.

I've been searching for some food; I've been looking high and low.

What shall I do?  Where shall I go?  I know!

I'll ask my friend Frog.  He always has some food.

On second thought, bugs and flies, for me I don't think that's cool.

Maybe I'll ask Birdie, I don't see any harm.

She's always carrying food, feeding her babies worms.

Ewe! Worms, That's just as bad as flies.

I can't eat that either.  Maybe I'll give swirl a try.

He's a vegetarian.  He likes to play it safe,

But I don't know if I'll like, the same thing as a garden snake.

Oh, for get it!  I give up.

I can't find any food, not one little nut.

Spring, summer, winter, and fall, I have never run out of food, at all!

What's going on?  How can this be?

Yesterday there was plenty of food, for me to eat.

I'll just jump out of this tree, and take a look around.

If there’s a nut out there, it shall be found.

M-M M, I'm just walking down the street,

Looking all around to see what I can see.

Hi Birdie, how do you do?  "Birdie seemed tired"

I asked, what's wrong?  Can I help you?

"I need help,” chirped Birdie.  I have some place to be!

Can you carry some of this food, to the other side of that tree?

Sure Birdie, I don't mind.

I've grown tired of searching for food.

So, now I have plenty of time.

" Where do you want me to sit this,” said Rust.

Birdie said "by that tree, on the other side."

" This is a big tree! " said Rust.

Then everyone yelled surprise!

I couldn't believe it! Everyone was there.

All of my friends, they really, really cared.

This was the picnic of all picnics, a party by the tree.

There was plenty of food for everyone, and plenty of nuts for me.

Written By:

Ebony Blessings


This short children’s story is dedicated to Kyler O'Havior Jones.

I hope that as he grows older, his childhood memories shall live on.

                              I LOVE YOU!!

Here’s sending a special blessing and prayer out, to a princess name “Jasmine Gall.”

May your life be enriched with all the treasures of love and wisdom, which this life has to offer.

                                                                              I CAN'T FIND A NUT


I'm a little squirrel

In a wal-nut tree

Looking for some food

For me to eat

Oh I can't find a nut

Oh I can't find a nut

Oh I can't find a nut

you see

I'm hungry and scared

I have no food

Oh I can't find a nut

you see

Oh I'm looking for some food

And I think it's really cruel

For the seasons to take it away

So I jumped on the ground

To take a look around

Look I found some, Hoo-Ray!

Oh I found me some nuts

Plenty of nuts

Oh I found me some nuts you see!

I'm a happy little squirrel

In this great big world

Living in a wal-nut tree

     " Nut Tree!!!"

By: Ebony Blessings

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to my children and all children...

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