What Our God Did

God made the clouds a misty soft comforting white

The sky, He made a beautiful blue

With the tranquility of an assuring rainbow

This our God did as he thought of you

With th parting of his hands

Night became the neighbor of day

You see, in our father’s eyes everything was good

Because He made it that way

He placed amphibians throughout the ocean

As He gave birds wings to soar the skies

He breathe life into a non-existing world

It was God’s words that made the sun rise

God spoke one word (EDEN)

His garden shall be called

With different kinds of climates

To nourish it all

Yet, He thought of something else

To place upon His land

A jewel, A jewel in His own image

That image is called “MAN”

By: Ebony Blessing, v/b

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