The light in my eyes shines brightly.  My future is glowing ahead.

My determination is powerful and strong.  For nothing shall I have to beg.

Succeed yes, that's what I'm striving to do.  To keep the fire in my heart

burning.  To believe in my self, and yes, also to believe in you.

I'm a powerful black woman.  I'm a woman with values and goals.

A woman with the will to succeed, and the ability to maintain control.

I'm a leader, a follower, and a middle woman too,

Anywhere you place me, I'll follow through.

I'm a strong black woman, my values are high.

Until my goals are met, yes I shall strive.

Strive to go a little further, with each passing day.

Yes I'm a strong and willing black woman.

I'm always determined to succeed.

Make a stand my sisters!  This is our day.

  Thank You.

Written By:

Ebony Blessings

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