No Words For Me

No more words for me, all entitled to someone else.

Why do I want to hear thoes words?

When everything was brought on by myself.

Why should I care if you care or not?

What is this feeling, leaving my stomach in knots?

The guilt it rises in my throat,

I choke on the words you never wrote.

3 years have dawned us and still I stop to think.

I still take the time to read your words in ink.

Wanting you to still want me?

What kind of person are you?

Sadly I sit here and write about you.

And for no reason, other then wanting you to care.

Wanting you to write a line of despair.

But the words they belong to someone else.

The feelings have moved on to someone else.

Forgetting everything that I have is important,

I still anger, brought on by my absortion.

Why? Because I honestly don't know what I'd do,

if I saw you again....

My mind florishes, and rushes, as I forsee the tears.

as you stand there uncomfortable, irritated, and sneer.

I so vonerable, so weak unlike myself.

So strong until I think of the memories of our wealth...

But there are no more words for me.

They are all written to enchant someone else.

To make her love you, and relive our wealth.

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Guess who

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