The Nitty-Gritty


Is it at the top of a ladder, 20 feet up with nothing to hold onto once I get there but thin Air
Is it concealed in the words which must be spoken though they may bring sorrow in the saying, hidden in the deeds which require doing that might cause suffering when done
Is it only a concept conceived by we who feel the need to lay siege on Fear
Or is it just a word made up of 7 letters
3 consonants, 4 vowels


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I Like This Definition

20 ft up/air for support - yes, that is courage - slc



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Literally Lady A...

I was hanging off the side of a 5000gal water tank tryin' to fix the busted intake pipe... in freezing weather, wishing I could grow a third arm (and levitate)... learned alot about myself that day... like how to get blue pvc glue out of my hair... scissors:b