Dakini Dancing Naked in Rain Nagas holy drool pelting her crown rolling down blurry eyes whet mouth caressing neck to kiss her breasts
Hydrating mantle of epidermal sac, penetrating subcutaneous layers with the Infinite Wisdom of Mother Nature herself
Deafening Thunder echoes the percussion of Dakini’s Heart, Chain-Lightning igniting synaptic fire in her brain
Orgasmic juices gush down Alabaster thighs, Honeyed Lahar of puddles forming streams becoming rivers flowing to The Salted Sea
Microphantasm of vapor droplets drawn up to fashion clouds, altostratus forming stratocumulus becoming cumulonimbus, caught in The SlipStream migrating The Blue Empty fulfilling their Destiny to drench Naked Dancing Dakini


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Interesting &a Topical Write

Allusions to be Googled, but "...migrating The Blue Empty..." is a nice image.