The GreAt PreTenDer

You're not in love with me.

You don't know me.

You know what you were told, what you've heard, and what you believe.

You know what your mind will allow you to depict of my nature, of my character, of my point.

But these are not my self.

You will not know my self. You will not know me.

You could never defy me,

but why pretend as though you give a fuck??


You're blind to beauty that I've shown you in the universe.

You may use words to be clever. But words will never prove your wisdom.

You are as everyone is, and I am as everyone isn't.

I am nothing.

I am nothing.

I am nothing.

But I am nothing with a point.

I am nothing with a purpose.

I am nothing with a mission.

You can't get inside because you wanna know me throughly, you couldn't handle my reality. You couldn't comprehend my reality. You can only argue my reality because the reality is not yours.

Don't pretend you wouldn't go behind my back,

Don't pretend as though you ever cared.

Don't pretend so i will keep you somewhere close to me...

You're like the rest. You're like the rest.

You're FAKE.

But so am I.

It was what it was.

And now, it's nothing.

Like it was

when it was

what it was.

Peace within me, for everything you ever do.

No matter what. I'm still proud of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

People who attempt to play head games with their self, and pretend like i don't know underlying intentions... Not nessecarily Menitrosa's but deifnitley lost and confused in intention people.

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