We Would Imagine

If  I imagine, I can create.

If  I place intentions, I can sabotage the creation by it's opposing force.

I am conditioned to these letters, these numbers, these expressions of what? If didn't know that there is A, B, C, D, embedded in my mind.. then what would I have as my expression?

I would

I M A G I N E.

I would have no words, no love letters, no explanations for you by my breath, or by my vocabulary.

I would have nothing but imagination.

I would have images and thoughts with no form of physical manifestation so that you can understand me.

But you would be the same if you did not have these symbols of expression either.

We would Imagine, thus create.

But what.. i may never know.

Because I have to let my emotions control me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I guess you could say this is my aspect on the lovers that I will not let myself be something to

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