Dancing comes from the mind,
what an amazing way to create
Snow drives me crazy,
but it's better than gaining weight.

i sit inside my brain,
Concepts constantly arise.
I observe, and then dicipher
what subconscious says inside.

Cells are everywhere,
and cell phones can get you sick.
Republicans like to slap poor people,
and give praise to all the RICH.

Supremacy Conspiracy theory, thing underneath it all.
Becareful for what you think u know, stakes are standing tall.

Healing comes from within,
Kuz nothing is so real.
Everything is what you make it...
Don't let it make how you feel.

Give it all up and then...
you'll Get back yours hearts content.
Are you truly loving everyone?
Do you feel you could repent?

Green is the color of cash,
but i think it's a balance out.
People would say it's horny.
What the fuck's that all about?

Small towns are so personal,
it would be fun to know them all..
but life could be living hell..
since you can notify a town in one call.

Is there anything wrong with honesty?
should i always be 100% real?
should i always acknowledge what's on my mind...
say just what i feel?!

Nope.. that would be wrong,
like cancer isn't real.
People can change their destiny.
They must first change how they feel.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wow. i was on one? i just decided to write a poem on the things that came to mind at the instant.

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